What Just Happened to My Energy?

… One Common Way Our Energy Gets Depleted.

For the sensitives around us … that probably includes most of you reading this …. trying to maintain a high energetic frequency is of great importance. It just feels better, we stay in the flow, it enhances our sense of wellbeing and most importantly, we feel connected … connected to life … connected to source.

Unfortunately, we constantly run into situations that deplete our subtle energies and bring us down. It can be the result of our own doing … how we perceive circumstances and the world around us … to events that wreak havoc on our sense of inner peace and wellbeing. In many instances we all of a sudden realize our energies are low and we have no idea how it happened.

We may have subconsciously given it or aren’t strong enough to hold it but, most importantly, we can actually deplete our energy by having it taken from us. This is one of the most common ways of losing it.

This is where the term ‘energy vampire’ came from…. these are the ones who draw energy from us.  Most people who are siphoning our energy are totally unaware that they are doing it. We all know that person who constantly talks about their problems. It is worthwhile and admirable to be a good listener and supportive but, there is a good chance that this person may be depleting your energy and is receiving an energetic benefit from the exchange … When someone gossips about you or directly puts you down there is an unwanted energetic exchange happening. Just interacting with  someone who resonates at a much lower frequency can also have detrimental effects on your subtle energy body.

“The natural way to acquire energy is from Universal Source and Mother Earth. This can be accomplished using many different techniques of connecting. When someone is unaware of how to do this, they will resort to acquiring energy from those around them. This is usually a completely unconscious act. When you have strengthened your own energy body, you can give without it affecting your own energy reserves … like the healer who channels source energy to facilitate healing in another.”

We’ve all experienced interaction with that friend, family member, coworker or complete stranger … one minute you’re feeling fine and then … next thing you know, you are hit by a wave of heaviness.  You are more tired, sad, depleted, off or anxious  … or, all of the above. Much of this occurs at the subconscious level and you’re left wondering, ‘What Just Happened?’ … you may just think it is all you. In time, as you become more aware, you also become more sensitive to the energies swirling around you … this is when self awareness, self care and down time to recalibrate, is even more important than before. Your enhanced sensitivity means you are more severely impacted by these energy-lowering situations.  Until you learn how to strengthen and expand your own energy body, you will continue to have issues keeping your energy level high. This is an ongoing challenge for many of us but, in time, this can become less bothersome.

  • What situations deplete our energy?
  • Do you know how to shield yourself from unwanted energies?
  • How do you restore your own energy reserves?
  • Are you aware of your energy being taken?

I am still periodically knocked off kilter and end up in situations where my energy body (auric field) takes an energetic hit but, I now have many tools to deal with it. 

Once a sensitive, always a sensitive … that is just the way it is.

How Do We Lose Our Energy?

  • We Can Give it Away by our Own Choice.
  • It Can be Taken from Us.
  • World Events and External Circumstances can Negatively Impact Us.
  • Lack of Self-Care can run us down.
  • We hold onto Trauma and Negative Emotions in our Energy Field.

In the meantime, when you are working on strengthening your energy body, there are some situations that are just easier to avoid until you’re stronger … we all should aim for a strong, clear energy field. I will expand on this in future posts.  A bright, expanded, balanced and strong energetic field leads to long-term experiences of inner peace, self-love, wellbeing, physical healing, clarity and focus.

The solution to raising your own energetics is to develop your own personal methods to build, strengthen, heal and protect your energetic Frequency. 

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