Going Within … Developing the Energy Body

When an energy sensitive starts on a journey to raise their frequency, enhance their intuition and awaken to the unseen realms of spirit … when you start asking the questions, who am I and why am I here … when it feels like there is something more out there, the common desire is to want to experience it all immediately … instant spiritual gratification. In our striving for that ‘Something More’ there is a more balanced and effective way to direct our search.

Once we become more in tune to the subtle realms, we can also experience the energetic highs that go along with these higher states and we soon realize there is a better way of being and it feels amazing … more connected.


when you start asking … “who am I?” and “why am I here?”


What ends up happening for most people is, we look outside of ourselves for these states and don’t acknowledge or activate our own true power. What is rarely understood is, when we heal ourselves and do the inner work, our energetic signature radiates outward into the world.  This can even affect change in those around us and, when more and more people join in and do the same, we have the ability to change the whole nature of our reality for the better.

‘We have the ability to change the whole nature of our reality for the better.’

It is especially difficult for those that don’t feel at home on the earth and resonate more with their energetic and higher spiritual selves, instead of their human experience. The world can feel harsh and the higher states (perceived as ‘out there’) feel more like home. In reality, we need to activate all of our energy centres to raise our energetic signature and have a whole human experience simultaneously.  We can own our true power and experience a higher dimensional space here and now. This is best accomplished by looking within first. We are part of ‘the all’ and originate from divine source.

There was a time that whenever I had my energetic signature read I heard the same thing, “Carey you are half out of your body”. This was a result of constantly searching for access to the higher realms outside of myself. When we do this we may have amazing metaphysical experiences … visions, sounds, colours, connections with spirit, angels or guides and fleeting feelings of love and euphoria … but, when our energetic centers aren’t activated, balanced and grounded, we cannot hold that energy and express it out to the world, in a meaningful way. This can also lead to poor health and wellbeing.

When we’re striving to develop our greater awareness and raise our frequency we can have fleeting experiences but lack the ability to hold the energy for any great length of time. Even some of the most amazing psychics, mediums and healers who have extraordinary gifts can have trouble manifesting and holding energy in their everyday lives. Whether it’s not enough abundance or challenges in meeting their daily needs … difficulty in relationships … or just lack of peace and wellbeing that hinders the ability to live in a balanced, integrated and embodied way … We all have our areas of strength and weakness in our energetic systems. If we were totally perfected, we probably wouldn’t even be here. Going within, on a regular basis, is the first step to activating our energy body.

How you do this really depends on your own personal style. I have found meditation to be my favourite method exploring my own internal landscape. The main thing is understanding that sitting in the ‘seat of the soul’ within, with love and compassion is key to the process. From this vantage point you can live a grounded existence and experience all of the spiritual realms simultaneously. You don’t miss out on any connections with spirit that striving for the higher realms only can facilitate … you just do it from a different vantage point… more whole, strong, balanced and centered.

  • What Can Be Accomplished by Going Within …
  • Heal Wounds and Traumas
  • Clear Stuck Energy
  • Build a Relationship with Your Guides
  • Ask the Angels for Help
  • Settle a Racing Mind
  • Feel a Greater Sense of Peace
  • Reclaim Your Center
  • Experience More Joy, Love and Peace
  • Ultimately Raise Your Frequency

“The Answers are Within”.

There are many forms of going within, expanding our awareness and healing ourselves so we become clear vessels of higher frequency energy. It is just a matter of finding out what combination works best for you.

Once a degree of mastery is achieved, you will have the ability to pull and hold energy from the universal all and at the same time, draw from the earth energies of divine mother.

Like a tree, well rooted in the ground, absorbing the earths energy and at the same time, receiving life giving energy from the sun shining down from the cosmos, we also need this energetic balance to flourish … As the tree draws in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, we too can draw in draw in our own natural sources of energy and radiate it out into the world. This all starts with Going Within.

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