As a Sensitive, Do You Give Too Much?

As an energy sensitive, there is a great internal pull to focus on giving. Giving of yourself and giving to everyone around you. This may take the form of being a good listener, saying yes to everything or just always being the one to pitch in … doing for everyone else without a thought or consideration of your own needs. 

On the subtle energy level, just putting everyone before yourself can have a detrimental effect. Although giving your energy to everyone else is a noble idea, it leads to energetic depletion and loss of your own vital life force and subtle energies. The concept of giving is an excellent one but, it needs to come from a place of strength. When you build up your own energetic muscle, so to speak, you then come from a place where you can give of yourself without depleting your own energetic stores, you can actually give of universal energetic flow through you. You will also become aware when you need rest and self care … you then don’t give at all cost of yourself.

Elevate, Expand, Clear & Heal

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